The Manchester For Rustic Dining

Whether you live in LA or you are just visiting, The Mancherster is a great choice for your rustic dining pleasure. You will find a menu filled with great items that you are going to love. You can choose to dine in or have your choices delivered to you. You can also make reservations to ensure that you are able to dine when you want to.

You can also enjoy the bar at The Manchester, so that you are able to have your favorite drink with your dinner. You'll find items on the menu such as Grilled Chicken Chop Salad which includes chicken breast, olives, chickpeas, French beans and more. You are going to love all of the flavors that this selection offers. You might choose the Heritage Pork Meatball which is soft polenta, heirloom tomato sauce and parmesan cheese. The Ora King Salmon or the Barbera Braised Short Ribs may be your choice for your meal as well. No matter which items you choose, you are going to be amazed at the flavors that each one offers.

Your favorite cocktails can also be found that are going to compliment your meal perfectly. You may love the Hemingway Daiquiri or you may opt for the Old Fashioned. You might also try the Luna Circus or the Elevation to cleanse your pallet. Happy Hour is daily from 4pm until 6pm. To make your happy hour the most enjoyable, consider the chicken wings that will offer you a little spice kick. The Manchester Burger is also a great choice and it comes on the softest bun. You can wash it down with a Common Space Pilsner or a Classic Martini. Also, don't forget the Cacio E Pepe Potato Chips. You'll love their cheesy unique flavor.

You'll have no trouble finding your favorite glass of wine to pair with your meal of choice. A nice selection of Pilsner is also available and gin, tequila and vodka are always stocked to create your favorite drink. Everyone knows that there are many places in LA where you can enjoy a meal, but there is only one place that offers you the rustic food choices and that is The Manchester. You won't find another dining experience like that.

The environment is awesome and the staff is eager to please. They are going to make certain that you have the most awesome experience when dining with them.

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